It would be lovely to hear your story, how you felt when you found out you were pregnant with Momo Twins, how your pregnancy progressed, and what the outcome was.

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By Jennifer Garde, Port Laois:

**At 5 weeks of pregnancy I had a bleed. I was scanned and told I was having Monoamniotic twins and would have to be transferred from our local hospital in Portlaoise to The Coombe Women's Hospital in Dublin, an hour away. I was scanned every week and was so worried I'd lose the babies as I knew how serious this could be. At 13 weeks a hair line membrane was spotted by Professor Daly! I was thrilled. This made things less complicated. Aishling Martin then scanned me at 15 weeks and I was diagnosed with TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). I was informed at this early stage the out come was poor. My donor had 2cm fluid and my recipient just over 6cm. The criteria for TTTS stage 1 is over 6cm of fluid in the recipient and less then 3cm in a Donor.

TTTS diagnosed before 17 weeks has a poor outcome. I kept strong and kept the news between me and my partner. I searched endlessley for support in Ireland with no luck. I was scanned 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. By 21 weeks my boys had progressed to stage 3 with no fluid at all around Alex and 11.6cm around Max. I would have to go for surgery if i wanted to keep my boys. The surgeon Professor Malone scanned me to do a surgery map. He then brought myself and my partner into another room. He broke the news that twin 2's cord travelled around twin 1 and for this reason he could not operate. He wished me luck and said for some reason if my boys were alive at 26 weeks i would be C-sectioned. 26 weeks came and I was still on my 3 scans a week and a pocket of fluid appeared around Alex. Each week my boys improved and more fluid appeared around Alex and the fluid around Max lessened.

By 32 weeks the TTTS had resolved itself. I was then scanned once or twice a week. I carry very big babies and Professor Malone made the call to c-section me on the Monday of 35 weeks. Max and Alex Thompson were born by planned c section on June 25th at 15.02 and 15.04 weighting 5lb 15oz and 6lb 13oz. They are now 13 weeks old, 8 weeks corrected and are above the 50th percentile for full term 13 week old. The fluid levels and reversed blood flow of TTTs seems to have had no affect on them. They are placid babies and are meeting all their milestones. They have a big sister Abigail who is 22 months older then them and they adore her.

The hardest thing about going through TTTS was peoples lack of knowledge on the matter. People seem to think its something you have made up. The lack of support during the pregnancy was the hardest. I set up Irelands only support group on Facebook and in less then 3 months now have 25 members. Please click on link to visit my page TTTS Support Group **

By Gemma Reid, Dublin:

**I found out I was pregnant in January 2010. When I was ten weeks pregnant, with what I thought was one baby, I began to bleed. I rang the Rotunda and on there advice I went straight into there early pregnancy unit. In my head I was sure I was losing my baby. I was feeling so scared. With the help of a scan I was assured my baby was fine and after 15 minutes of scanning my baby it was discovered I was having twins. I was shocked!!!

After a further 10 minutes of scanning, my now two babies, the mood in the room became more serious and the doctor was called in. I was told it looked like I was having momoamniotic twins. It was so much to take in so I went home and researched this myself. On reading all the statistics on momo twins I was feeling very down, despite a lot of people saying "you'll be fine, stay positive" I still had a ball of fear inside me for the journey I was about to take on. I got an appointment to go in for another scan at 14 weeks to see if there was any sign of a membrane, because they didn't see one at 10 weeks I was sure that they wouldn't find one.

March 16th The day had finally arrived, The scan began, I waited nervously and worried then after what felt like a lifetime the doctor said the words I was just dying to hear, "there is a hairline membrane there" The relief that came over me was just unreal. Although the pregnancy was still in risk of other things such as TTTS and PREMATURE DELIVERY I was much more relaxed knowing that the serious risks of cord compression and cord entanglement, that the lack of a membrane brings, was gone. The rest of my pregnancy was not plain sailing I had other complications such as TTTS and cholestasis but thankfully with medication my girls and I were all fine.

I was induced at 37 weeks and 1 day and after 4 short hours I gave birth to two beautiful girls, Rebecca (5lbs 2oz) and Sophie (6lbs 10oz). I had a natural birth with no epidural even though I was told from the start that I had to be sectioned. Being a twin mum is tough at the start but it really does get easier. The words that got me through all the downs in my pregnancy were "This too will pass"**